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Note: The blog is currently on hiatus, will return at some point.

Dear fellow reader of this blog,

I want to master web development, primarily front end web development, and I have realized that I learn best by explaining what I know to others. Therefore, I have decided to start this blog where I will be summing up all things related to web development in as simple way as possible and in a form of a notes.

More, I have been introduced to web development via languages called HTML and CSS and I consider them to be good introduction to web development in general, or at least for front end only. Therefore, I have decided that I will first start simplifying HTML/CSS and then decide what to simplify next, possibly JavaScript.

Also, I will try to keep posts going with the flow, but it may be the case that I, for example, start writing about JavaScript and then write some extra post about CSS. Well, I will try to avoid something like that, but I can’t grantee that it will not happen. That’s why emphasis is on categories, not on actual posts.

Best regards,

Antonio Fran

P.S.: There is a master category that contains every single post I have made so far, sorted by latest post first, and it is accessible from the Start menu or from a direct link here. More, list of all categories is accessible from the sidebar of this blog, which appears right or below of the every page, depending on your screen width.


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